Style File: Bring the outside in

 The hints of spring weather that we have been experiencing lately are absolutely to die for! It might not be here to stay but it sure is welcomed. The beautiful blue sky, sun soaked days and blossoms looming, especially after our incredibly cold and long winter ( I can hear the comments from those of you further north 😉, but we are not used to bundling up for 5 months.)

Spring fever is the understatement if the year! This is a windows open moment that I am fully embracing before the pollen arrives and our fresh clean spring scene turns yellow. I am sneezing just thinking about it.

All this new life and bright color has me dreaming about nature inspired interior decor. There are so many ways to add a dab of spring essence to your home.

From indulgent wallpapers, to upholstery pieces, to easy and budget friendly DIY projects, I've got you covered on how to bring the outside in and saturate your space with nature's beauty.

I can't think about a scenic mural on the wall without thinking about the famous "Gracie" wallpapers.  This traditional yet timeless collection has been around for generations and is available in a variety of color palettes. Orange is a huge color for spring 2014 and this Gracie paper is a perfect merge of timeless elegance with current trend.

Most commonly, Gracie and similar designs can be found in beautiful dining rooms and spaces.
I love the soft and soothing color scheme of this room, you would never tire of this light and airy environment.

And this pewter metallic Gracie is so very glam. 
Notice there is nothing else on the walls, no art or mirrors needed.  
Wallpaper is definitely a splurge and indulgence but is undoubtedly a "showstopper"!

A lighter, more neutral paper provides the perfect backdrop for chic and colorful furnishings.
Love the depth that the door creates as a darker shade of chairs.

A beige variation on the walls is an amazing compliment to a lighter table and chairs.

This wall looks like a gorgeous floor to ceiling painting and again, no additional mirrors or art needed.

It does not get more serene than this Kelly Wearstler light blue dining nook, if I sat down here, I might never get up.

And while this "garden scape" look is very popular in dining spaces,
it also makes for a lovely entry way.
This rose trellis that wraps around the arch of this hall draws you right in.

Love, love, love this pink and green entry.

And who doesn't love this moody blue with over sized gilded mirror?!?!

A great way to achieve the same look, while being a little easier on your wallet, is an accent wall.

This traditional mural is mixed with a modern abstract on the left, love this!

For those of you whose style is a little less traditional,
here are some more modern ways to bring the outside in.
Black and White

Tan and Cream birch trees

This use of color is amazing!

Here is a little classic elegance paired with rustic details.

Another great way to incorporate this look without a huge commitment, is upholstery pieces.
This settee would look perfect in one of my girl's rooms!

How fun is this room?!?!

I can see a pair of these chairs flanking a console table in an entry hall, providing a perfect pop.

So, despite our current inconsistent weather that can't seem to make up its mind if it's spring or winter, you can have spring all year round by incorporating this garden decor into your home.  
Big or small, a little "outside in" is a guaranteed cure for Spring Fever!

Until Next time, 

Feeling Rosey

The beauty and magic of gold has captivated mankind since the beginning of time. In its purest form, it's beauty is unmatched, yet incredibly durable, making it one of the most coveted and desired precious metal. There is something so indulgent and utterly glam about gold and sometimes just a little hint of it is the perfect detail.  I am a "less is more" kinda gal and am drooling over gold's sister, ROSE GOLD.

I love it hanging from the ceiling

 to accompany a copper bed

 It makes the most warm and feminine tablescape. 

 This party decor would look knockout at night under candlelight!

 For something a little more unexpected, rose gold on furniture paired with neutral upholstery seems to make a perfect match.

 An accent table with rose gold accents can be thrown into any room for a metallic touch.

 mixed with fabulous white marble

 a contemporary spin on the white and rose gold pairing…insta chic

Loving hints of it on hardware

and super fun on home accessories.
 Lastly,  for those of you who would rather wear the look, than decorate with it…
please run out and purchase these shorts.  
Just save a pair for me ;)

all images via Pinterest

Until next time,